About Me

Geocaching - I have been a geocacher since August 2nd 2003 even though I did not log a find from August 3rd 2003 until August 20th 2010. Back in the early days of geocaching and primitive GPSr units before smartphones were even thought of, I logged that first find on GCGGR4 - Fuller Cache for Grown-ups. Being that it was almost two years after the attacks on 9/11 and that gas prices had gone crazy by doubling, I didn't think that my fiancée would be responsive to driving around to look for stuff in the woods. The fact that cachers had to either print cache pages to take into the woods or write the coordinates down on paper wasn't appealing either. I went dormant after that first cache find that was logged under my previous name, RebelTag.

Fast forward to January of 2010: I bought a Blackberry 8330 smartphone to upgrade from an older Motorola-Nextel i870 that I could have used to cache with. I still did not get bit by the bug at that time though because I still didn't remember about geocaching. A few months later I discovered that I could buy an app to go caching with but still didn't get bit.

In the summer of 2010, I drove a coach bus for Phantom Regiment Drum & Bugle Corps and traveled to many states like I had the previous summer. I discovered along that 2010 tour of the existence of the Trimble Outdoors Geocache Navigator app for Blackberry Phones but wanted to wait until after tour to buy it. I returned to my home on August 15th 2010 and decided to install the trial of Geocache Navigator on August 20th. That is when I discovered that the closest cache to me was It's that tree...or is it that tree? I walked down to the cache and made the find which also started a legacy for myself as well. The container contained some water and some rusted items so I took it back home, cleaned it out, removed the damaged swag, and replaced it. The GeocacheGuardian in me was born! I found a good group of hides around my hometown in the coming few days  and enjoyed every minute of it. Eventually, I got my mother to sign up for an account 5 days after my second find. My fiancée and my aunt then signed up for accounts on September 5th 2010. When the four of us cache together, we cache as Team 4CacheOrCredit.

Munzee - I created an account for Munzee on January 31st 2012 and have been having fun at it ever since. I may have been a bit late to get the new "Early Bird" badge but I am still one of the earlier players, possibly in the first 15,000 people to start playing.

Ingress - Ingress is the Google-owned Niantic Lab's augmented reality game launched on November 16th, 2012. I started playing this game on S

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